Kirby Building Systems offers a wide range of job opportunities and varied working environments, which will add value to your experience and skills.


We are dedicated to supporting a progressive, innovative and knowledgeable workforce and offer exposure to a unique and diversified organization through numerous personal and professional development opportunities. MBA recruitment is one of the well established programmes at Alghanim. In Kirby, we hire MBAs from some of the well known B schools like IIMs, NUS, LUMS, etc.

Position title Location Closing date
Detailing checker Hochiminh
Detailing engineer Hochiminh
Design engineer Hochiminh
Site Engineer Hanoi
Site Safety Officer Hochiminh, Hanoi
Area Construction Management Hochiminh
Construction Management Hochiminh, Hanoi
Sales Engineer Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia


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