• What if I want to make changes to my building after I order it?

    You may make modifications to your building anytime up until fabrication begins. A change order may incur a fee and/or delay fabrication. This depends upon how extensive the changes are and in what stage of production the change request is made.

  • How long does it take to get a metal building after the order is placed?

    It usually takes from 6 - 10 weeks for delivery after the purchase order is signed. Delivery depends upon Kirby’s backlog and the complexity of your job. Kirby Sales will estimate a delivery date upon order and finalize delivery once the job enters fabrication.

  • What sorts of details of erection assistance is provided by Kirby?

    Kirby provides detailed erection drawings, Erection procedures manual and free technical assistance through visit of Kirby Technical Representative to the site during erection. Kirby will recommend to the client the services of our certified builders who are trained to carry out erection of Kirby Buildings.

  • Can I purchase Kirby buildings direct from the manufacturer (self-erect) or do I need to purchase through my local builder?

    Kirby works through a network of Builders, independent design-build contractors authorized by Kirby Building Systems to distribute our products. We invest a great deal of training in our builders so that they are uniquely suited to provide you with a building designed and engineered to meet your needs. However Kirby deploys technical manpower to supervise and technical guidance while installing the building through the Kirby certified builders.

  • What if I have questions once erection of the building begins?

    Kirby has an experienced Customer Service department that stands ready to answer all your questions and provide assistance as needed.

  • How will my personal information be used if I use the Quotation Request Form?

    The information you provide will be forwarded to the Sales Coordinator for your area. Your personal information and email address will not be shared with any outside agents. Confidentiality of your personal data is assured.

  • Why use American codes for designing?

    IS codes are more stringent in certain areas like serviceability criteria etc. We recommend accepting American codes as these have been used literally in millions of PEB buildings in North America and other parts of the world and have a proven record of safety. Each year in the US alone, about 2 Million tons of PEBs are sold based on American codes. Also American codes are continually updated based on the latest research findings. Hence these codes result in a more economical and safe building. If the customer requires a building done under a certain code of design like the IS code, Kirby will do so.

  • What is the thickness of your sheeting?

    Kirby Standard cladding thickness is 26G and 24G. These are available in stock in various colors. Other thicknesses can be offered as special order with comparatively longer delivery.

  • Do you give complete building package? What about flooring?

    Kirby can supply the complete steel portion including standard accessories. Accessories that are not manufactured by Kirby can be supplied as buy outs (Eg. Rolling up Doors, Cranes etc  ...) and included in Kirby scope of supply. For mezzanine floors, Kirby will provide the steel framing and steel deck to receive in site concrete slab. If flooring is of pre-cast concrete panels. Kirby will provide the floor supports beams.

  • Is there any limitation on minimum size of building?

    No. Kirby can provide a small car park shed to a massive industrial complex comprising thousands of square meters of covered area. However for shipment, a minimum one-truck load would be economical.

  • What is the percentage of saving in cost of foundations using Kirby system compared to conventional steel buildings?

    Due to lower self weight, we estimate savings to be at least 5% However if you compare with local method of using fixed bases versus pinned bases in Kirby design the saving would be in excess of 15%.

  • Do you provide design calculations?

    Yes. Kirby will provide design calculations for the building whenever requested for approval by consultant / client.

  • What is included with a Kirby building?

    The purchase of a building from Kirby includes the primary & secondary structure, the panels and trim, and the necessary accessories. Also included are the necessary drawings that you will need for erection and for anchor bolt placement.

  • How do I find a builder in my area?

    We have a well recognized training program for builders in the regions that we operate and certify them as ‘Kirby Certified Builders’. Please click on the link below to view our regional sales offices who would be more than happy to provide you with this detail.

  • I don't see any prices listed on your site. How can I get pricing information?

    Please use the Online Quotation option in this site and we shall get back to via email. Another option is to visit the nearest Kirby Sales office in your region and they will be glad to help you.

  • What is the main difference between current conventional steel construction and Kirby PEB systems of construction?

    Key differences are: - In Kirby PEB System the complete steel building package is delivered to site from a single supplier as a fully finished product. This includes the structural steel, cladding system and building accessories. Site erection is fast and simple - just bolting together the various building components as per the erection drawings provided. No site fabrication or welding is involved. Results in significant saving in construction time and superior quality compared to conventional steel construction.

    PEB System is highly efficient in design due to synergy between building components. Primary members are made of tapered built-up sections and roof/wall secondary members from cold rolled sections designed as continues beams. High strength steel is used. All structural elements are fully optimized by the proprietary computerized design program and hence there is a significant reduction in dead load reactions to the foundations.

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