Advantages of Kirby’s Design

Enhancement in Earthquakes Design

In Kirby, all building must be designed to resist the minimum seismic load in accordance with the Global Hazard Map. The Global Seismic Hazard Map has been produced by the Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program (GSHAP).


  • Cause: The stored energy inside the earth finds its way out through the weak points of the tectonic plates generating immense forces enough to vibrate the surface of the globe.
  • Goal: Until today, we are unable to stop this destructive energy. Our ultimate goal is to develop new design procedures resulting to a more reliable and efficient structure when earthquakes strike.
  • Records: In May 2008, 7.8 Richter Earthquake took place in china. The earthquake was enough powerful and reachedHanoi.
  • Code Enhancement: Zoning technology was the only available method for structural, engineers to perform their design (ex. UBC97). In the year 2000, a revolutionary technique started and the Ground Motion Acceleration (m/s2) has been introduced in the calculations.

The GMA at 0.2 sec (Ss) and 1 sec (S1) respectively still not measured in many areas of the world. Finally the structural engineer still could not perform accurate design in many areas of the world. With the result, the accurate design in many parts of the world could not be done.

  • Kirby R&D Innovation: Few years back, Kirby completed an advanced scientific research (Kirby R&D) where Ss and S1 (GMA) values were generated all over the Globe.
  • Safer and Economical Buildings: Because of this achievement Kirby Structural Engineers can perform accurate and efficient earthquake design more then ever offering to our customers the required safety and economy for their buildings.


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