Salient Features


  • Use of specially designed, proprietary concealed clips for fixing leads to a puncture free roof ensuring no leakages through fastener holes
  • Sheets in long lengths, far beyound trnasportable lengths made available due to feasibility of site rolling
  • End laps which have potential for water ingress eliminated by use of single sheet from eave to ridge
  • Raised seam provides deeper roof drainage and low roof pitch
  • Moveable tabs in clips accommodate roof movement with daily and seasonal temperature changes
  • Leak proof side laps are possible by machine seaming the edges through a full 3600
  • Faster roof installation with reduced operator fatigue possible by use of compact, heavy duty portable seaming machine
  • Excellent geometrical properties due to high profile depth and intermediate stiffening ribs, enables span of more than 2 meters for roofing



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