Air Bubbles & Polyethylene Foam

Air Bubbles
Air bubbles is made of typical polyethynene bubble warps sandwiched bettween two layers of pure aluminum. The light silver surfaces reflect radiant heat while the bubbles prevent heat conduction and support fast hear emittance. Besides, the bubble waps system sound wave, simultaneously get rid of reflective sound wave due to the hill surfaces and unstable shapes.

SpecificationAir Bubble
Thickness 4 mm
Thermal insulation (F/B) 46.6oC / 25.2oC
Sound insulation (F/B) 94 dB/ 48.1 dB (1000 Hz)
Temperature range - 50oC - 110oC
Roll width 155 cm
Roll length 40 m (*)
Water vapor permeability 0.0 g/m2/24hrs
Tensile strength 23 (min) - 29 (max) Kg/mm2
Elongation 90% (min) - 130% (max)
Thermal shrinkage 1.1% (min) - 1.7% (max)
* Customer can oder long of roll  


Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene foam a is elastic product consisting all properties: thermal insulation (with three modes: blocking heat, reflecting 97% radiant heat, convection heat), noise insulation, strong, nice... It is produced from polymerization processing and MDI as main ingredients, they have closed cell structure. Dinemsion of closed cell is very small and this leads to excellent thermal and sound insulation, negligible water absorption. This closed cell have more outstanding thermal insulation properties in comparison with glasswool, air bubbles, vulcanized rubber or other insulation.

Thickness 3mm - 100mm
Density 31.2 Kg/m3
Dissipation of smoke 30m
Thermal conductivity 0.032 W/mK
Temperature range -50oC +/- 100oC
Ability to ignite 500oC
Roll width 100cm
Roll length 50 - 100m
Water vapor permeability 0.0 g/m2/24hrs
Tensile strength 325kPa
Elongation 90% (min) - 130% (max)
Thermal shrinkage 1.1% (min) - 1.7% (max)




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