Polyurethane Insulated Panels

Kirby Insulated Sandwich Panels

Kirby sandwich panels are a cost effective solution for long lasting, modular construction.

Strong and versatile, Kirby sandwich panels allow for fast on-site assembly and simple retrofit of existing buildings. Further, the Polyurethane foam insulation delivers substantial savings on equipment and operation for the heating and cooling of buildings.

Finally, Kirby sandwich panels are durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions, reducing the recurring maintenance cost of the building.

Kirby Sandwich Panels – Product Range

Kirby Sandwich Panels offer highly durable, light weight, sound proof panels which are quick to install or rearrange.

Kirby Sandwich Panels can be applied to new metal building constructions, to existing substructures, or over an existing roof or wall that is in need of repair and also provide higher insulation values.

It provides smooth visual finish for you external and internal Walls.

We offer four types of Sandwich Panels - Kirby Roofing Insulated Panel (KRIP), Kirby Wall Insulated Panel (KWIP), Kirby Concealed Fastener Insulated Panel (KCIP) and Kirby Fiber Glass Insulated panel (KFGIP).

The sandwich panels use the regular Kirby panel profiles, and are available in Aluminum and Steel Material and Kirby Standard colors.


Kirby sandwich panels, trims & flashing match the same specification as panel materials. They are furnished for rakes, corners, eaves, and framed openings to provide weather tightness and a smooth finished appearance.

We also supply a wide range of coordinated accessories for complete insulated panel roof and walls installations, consists of translucent panels, ventilators, roof curbs, roof jacks, doors (personnel, sliding and roll-up), windows and louvers.


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